Elmira, Ontario,

Renovation Process Part 2

What is the renovation process and expected order from demo day to completion?

Once you have decided on a contractor and are ready to begin the renovation process, you will most likely be able to anticipate the following order to take place. Typically, on day one of a renovation, the area to be renovated will need to be deconstructed and taken apart or demoed which may include closing off areas to the rest of the house. This may include removing fixtures, flooring, trim, and maybe plaster/drywall and insulation.

Once everything unwanted is removed and disposed of, there may be a need for some re-framing to add or change walls. After framing is complete, it’s time for roughing in electrical, plumbing and heating. These are the parts that are hidden in the walls but are essential for the operation of each system.

Next, if necessary, is adding insulation and vapour barrier. When this is complete, the drywall will be installed as well as the taping of the joints followed by paint. Trim may be installed at this point or flooring depending on the materials being used.

The last step is to install the fixtures as well as the electrical and plumbing finishing. While this seems like a tidy list that is fairly straightforward, sometimes complications can arise that interfere with the projected smooth operations. However, this is often the order to most renovations whether they are small or large and can give you some idea of what to expect and in which order.