Elmira, Ontario,

Design Consultations

We are passionate about design! Our absolute favorite thing to do is create order and function in homes that seem to be lacking in these areas.

Redesigning spaces to make them function at their best is a priority for us. Not only do spaces have to function well, but as an added bonus they might as well look great and be enjoyable to use! That is always our goal.

‘Before’ pic of clients living room.

There is increasing demand for online virtual design and consultation. Maybe you don’t need a full renovation expert, but you would like some input on design.

Or, maybe you are a DIY’er and want to do some of the work, but would like to have a really great plan so that you know where to start or how to bring it all together.

Virtual design created to show possibilities.

Sometimes it is helpful to see ideas in a 3D perspective so that you can tweak things before you actually start the project.

These are things we can help you with though online renovation design and consultation. There is often no need to meet and everything can be done online and through email.

All you need to do is provide some pictures of your current space and a scope of what you would like to accomplish which may include measurements and we can provide you with some recommendations or even a 3D plan.

Every situation is different and every budget is different, so costs will vary depending on the project.

Contact us today to start your virtual renovation design!