Elmira, Ontario,

Do I need a general Contractor for my renovation?

Homeowners often wonder why they need a general contractor for their renovation.  First of all a general contractor is someone who organizes the job and trades and keeps things running smoothly and efficiently.  Also, there are many little things that are between trades that need to be done by someone in preparation for the next trade. These are the things that get missed without a contractor and are often what sets a general contracted renovation apart from a DIY job. 

If the renovation is relatively small, a homeowner may be able to get away without hiring a contractor.  However, if the renovation involves various trades such as electrical, plumbing, drywall, trimming, which most renovations do, it is definitely worthwhile hiring a contractor. 

While saving money up front may seem like a good idea, it can cause more expense down the road if things aren’t done properly.  Many contractors will testify to the fact that the most frustrating jobs are those where the homeowner wants to have some control in hiring ‘trade friends’ to save money.  In this case, the contractor is somehow supposed to stand behind the job and leave feeling it was a job well done.  However, in truth, he can’t because he was only partially responsible for the job and it didn’t run as smoothly as he knows it could have.  When contractors schedule a complete job, they know how long things should take and schedule things accordingly to keep the job running smoothly.  Their commitment to the job helps them schedule other jobs in succession. 

Contractors have reliable trades that they use on a consistent basis and a good working relationship with them.  Each one knows their responsibility and what is expected of them.  Contractors cannot be expected to be on call and run from one job to another so that it works for the homeowner. 

Contractors also can’t be expected to work around the schedules of trades they aren’t responsible for and if a trade takes longer than the contractors hired trades, the contractor is left having to find work to fill in.   Often in the case of a homeowner trying to contract the job themselves, timelines aren’t met because the contractor has less control and often the workmanship and quality is sacrificed.  The lines of responsibility and job ownership are blurred leaving the homeowner frustrated because the job didn’t go as anticipated. 

To save everyone involved from renovation headaches, a general contractor is the right way to go.