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What is the renovation process?

When considering a renovation, there is a general process that can help make design to completion run more smoothly.

First, it is important to figure out what your needs are and what your wants are.  If you understand what it is you are trying to achieve or gain by renovating, it will help the design process. A good designer will be able to listen to your needs as well as your wants to create the most suitable plans for you. But by separating needs and wants you will be able to know what things you absolutely can’t do without and what things would be nice to have but if the design or budget don’t allow, you can do without them. 

Another thing to consider is a budget number that you would feel comfortable with so that the contractor knows if you are realistic with your needs and wants.  Once you have your needs and wants sorted out, you are ready to discuss your project with a renovation expert.  Choose someone who has both design and build knowledge that can help you from start to finish.  They will be able to make a plan that meets your needs while accommodating as many wants as possible.  

Ideally, the renovation expert you choose can create a design plan as well as organize and perform the renovation.  The design plan will allow a renovation company to accurately quote on the job.  Be careful when comparing multiple quotes as you want to make sure that the exact same work and materials are being used.  Many times a cheaper price can mean corners and materials are being compromised.

Part 2 of the renovation process will outline the order of progress during a renovation whether it is small or large.