Elmira, Ontario,

Should we renovate or should we sell our home?

A question we are asked a lot is, ‘should we renovate or sell our home?
For some, the thought of living with some disruption and mess is daunting and the moving option seems easier and somewhat less painful. However, shopping for homes with the desired criteria usually results in substantially increased mortgages and often some sacrifice in one area or another anyway.

Keep in mind the hours involved in shopping for a home as well as the costs of a lawyer, land transfer tax, real estate commission, moving costs etc. These things already add up to a good chunk that could be put towards a renovation. We do recognize that this is not the solution to every situation and there are times when a move must be made. But, taking the time to consider a renovation might prove to be a viable option.

If you like where you live but you need more space or better functioning space, then renovating might be the most economical. Many times homes can be rearranged to achieve desired results. Older homes in older neighbourhoods have the advantage of often having larger lots and more mature trees.

Newer construction can have more updated layouts and finishings but that doesn’t necessarily mean better in terms of quality and is completely dependent on the builder. Both older and newer homes can be renovated to suit your needs. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but by taking the time to investigate all of the options available to you, you can confidently proceed knowing you have made the best decision for you.