Elmira, Ontario,

Laundry, Mudrooms & Entryways

Mud rooms, laundry rooms and entryways are essential everyday rooms for all homes. The ability to come into your home and have some where to go with your shoes/boots, coats and bags, helps to establish order and keep things tidy.

Sometimes these rooms are separate from each other and sometimes they are combined.

Whatever the case may be, a well thought layout for these spaces, considering everyday life, helps with organization and management right from the homes entry point.

Laundry Rooms

Sometimes laundry rooms are simple and sometimes more elaborate. It will often depend on budget and space as to what can be incorporated into your laundry space. From collapsible wall clothes racks, to concealed basket storage under your machines, the ideas and possibilities are endless.

We can help create a practical, yet fun to use space to help make your laundry experience more enjoyable.

Mud Rooms

Mud rooms are often associated with everyday entry areas where everyone who lives in the home enters. Since this is such a common and widely used space, it is essential that it operates at it’s full potential.

We can create a floor plan that helps make your entry function at it’s best while looking great at the same time.

It is so much more rewarding to come home to a space that is organized, has a place for everything and looks inviting all at the same time!


Entryways are potentially mostly used for guests, if you have the advantage of a mudroom as well. In this case, you will want to make sure that guests feel welcome and that there is a sense of pride and ownership evident as they enter.

This is the place to give a sneak peak of your sense of style and tease them into wanting to see more. It is an area that should co ordinate with the rest of the home, yet have a distinct function and boundary from other living spaces, helping to keep things organized.

We would love to help you create a functional entry or laundry space that you can enjoy!